What is an NCQA Certified CVO?

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) offers a CVO Certification that assists with improving and streamlining Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) operations. The purpose is to protect consumers, by ensuring a consistent and diligent verification process for practitioner credentials. This review process is voluntary, not a requirement, so CVOs that receive the NCQA certification are fully invested in their consumers’ experience and are confident in their systems and processes.

Why Should Your Practice Utilize an NCQA Certified CVO?

Conceptually, provider enrollment may seem like a relatively straightforward task: practices send information about a provider’s qualifications, such as work history, education, certifications and licensure, to a payer for review and verification. After a vetting process, the payer confirms the provider and begins reimbursing the practice for services rendered.

In reality, executing a consistent and reliable enrollment program is not always that easy. Provider enrollment is a detail-heavy job due to the volume and variety of information payers require.

Smaller practices that don’t have the luxury of allocating full-time resources to the enrollment effort are especially susceptible to becoming overwhelmed by the extensive regulatory, technological, and administrative burdens of provider enrollment. A busy member of the office staff can quickly fall behind when tasked with managing the enrollment process amid competing priorities.

eMDs is among the few EHR companies to have obtained the NCQA CVO Certification. While not required to handle provider enrollment tasks, having a Certified CVO on your side means you can rely upon an organization with rigorous processes to get the job done right. Maintaining this certification demonstrates our continuous commitment to maintaining systems, processes, and personnel in place to manage your provider enrollment needs.