Reopening Healthcare – Together

Smart Strategies for Ramping Up Your Practice

As more and more states relax stay at home orders, businesses are starting the reopening process. A well formulated “reopening” plan can be critical to your practice’s success in the new normal. There’s lots to consider, including:

  • Staff and patient safety,
  • Retooling your practice operations,
  • Re-engaging your patients.

Each area needs to be carefully considered to craft the strategy that makes the most sense for your business and your patients. eMDs, a brand of CompuGroup Medical, is committed to being a resource for you to rely on for tips and tricks to drive success. Use this resource center to develop your comprehensive reopening strategy.

Expert Tips and Tricks to Re-Engage Your Patients

Listen in as eMDs interviews patient engagement vendors for tips and tricks on engaging patients during the pandemic and beyond

AutoRemind- Patient (Re) Engagement Strategies
Updox - Patient (Re) Engagement Strategies

More Videos Coming Soon

More Videos Coming Soon

Government Resources

eMDs recommends reviewing the following resources to assist your practice with reopening or ramping up.

Additional Resources - Recorded Webinars and Video

Why Social Distancing Works
Conference Call Etiquette
Tips for Setting Up a Home Office
Working From Home - Tips to Excel

Engage With eMDs

We are here for you as you reopen and ramp up your practice. Reach out to us at any time so that we can continue working together towards our common goal – healthier patients.