eMDs Solution Series Roadshows 2020

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eMDs Roadshows for Solution Series Clients

The eMDs Roadshow team is excited to announce our schedule for the 2020 Solution Series Roadshows. This is your chance to network with fellow eMDs users; learn about new innovations, products and services from our executive team; pick up tips and tricks for Solution Series with our expert led training; and learn about new products and services from our valued partners.

“Roadshows are great especially with all the new updates! Loved all the new tricks/tips. Great and informative.” – Jennifer, Phoenix Attendee

2020 Roadshow Locations and Dates

Below are confirmed locations for our Solution Series Roadshow series in 2020. More dates and locations are coming soon!

Raleigh, North Carolina
Sheraton Raleigh Hotel
Wednesday April 29, 2020
CANCELLED (Reschedule TBD)

2020/2021 Cities
(Dates to be announced as soon as possible)

Raleigh, NC
Pittsburgh, PA
Anaheim, CA
Shreveport, LA
Chicago, IL
Topeka, KA
Fort Myers, FL
Memphis, TN
San Antonio, TX
Jacksonville, FL

Program Highlights

Schedule and Bill Changes in Solution Series 9.1

Solution Series 9.1 has new features in patient demographics and introduces Bill Automation. The patient demographic changes allow user to enter more details and includes a new pharmacy management tool. Bill automation will save time and increase accuracy in the billing process. You can auto-create invoices upon completion of chart notes, auto-post prepayments, automatically send claims to the clearinghouse, also and automatically import and post ERA payments Topics to be covered include:

  • Demographics changes to Race, Gender, Birth Order and a new pharmacy management tool
  • What is Bill Automation
  • How to setup Bill Automation
  • Bill Automation Results Report

eMDs Training: Charting and Prescribing in Solution Series 9.1

Solution Series 9.1 introduces many new enhancements to the charting and prescribing process. See the updates to the Health Summary, chart note layout and prescribing workflows. Topics to be covered include:

  • New Chart Options for documenting an ICD-10 note
  • New Health Summary layout and new items
  • Updated Chart Note layout
  • eMDs Prescribe workflows, tips and tricks

State of the Company Executive Briefing

Our State of the Company address will bring you up to speed on what’s new and what’s in development at eMDs. We will discuss:

  • Company update
  • Product and services roadmap
  • Customer satisfaction update
  • Support update
  • Recently enhanced partnerships
  • Client Communications

We will save plenty of time at the end of the presentation for your questions.

And much, much more!