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ARIA RCM is vested in your success. Our mission is to help optimize practice performance, minimize risk, and maximize revenue. A financially healthy practice is a practice that can more easily focus on patient care. That’s why we are offering you an exclusive opportunity to get a FREE Annual Practice Financial Wellness Exam.

If you haven’t conducted a financial wellness exam recently, let us help. We’ll check up on key areas which will tell you if you’re healthy, or if there are areas where you need improvement! Our comprehensive exam checks key performance indicators to see the overall functioning of key systems including: days revenue outstanding, charge posting lag, charge submission lags, as well as patient and insurance receivable levels. These help explain how and why a practice is performing the way that it is.

You will receive a detailed report and a 30-minute consultation. Think of it as a free annual wellness exam for your practice! The report will help you:

  • Determine the health of your practice by identifying areas of revenue leakage
  • Benchmark your performance against industry standards
  • Provide a roadmap and set of best practices to maximize revenue per encounter
ARIA RCM Assessment
Financial Wellness Exam

When Was the Last Time You Checked Your Financial Health?

By analyzing KPIs on a regular basis you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your practice financials, but most importantly, it will help you determine if and where you’re losing revenue. Start by examining these key reports:

  • Accounts Receivable Analysis – Take a look at the accounts receivable process from both an insurance and a patient viewpoint. This will help you determine if it’s a patient problem, an insurance problem, or both.
  • Days Revenue Outstanding – Take a deep-dive into days revenue outstanding. This data determines the velocity of your payments.
  • Charge Posting and Billing Lag Analysis – Track this to see how long it takes you to enter a charge and then how long it takes you to  submit that claim to the insurance carrier.

Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your Practice Financials

According to MGMA a typical practice leaves up to 30% of its revenue on the table due to inefficient billing practices? That’s money you’ve earned – and deserve. Here’s how you can get it back!

ARIA RCM is offers a complimentary practice financial wellness exam. Whether you are doing your billing in-house or through an outsourced provider, we will show you where your practice is vulnerable and how you can fix inefficient processes.

Are you ready for your FREE practice financial wellness exam?

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