Family Practice Sees Dramatic Improvement and Growth in Account Receivables with eMDs Revenue Cycle Services

AUSTIN, TX – MAY 17, 2018 – eMDs, a leading provider of ambulatory electronic health records (EHR), practice management (PM) software, revenue cycle management services (RCM), and credentialing services, helps La Joya’s Neighborhood Doctor dramatically reduce account receivables, speed the rate of payments, and focus on patient care and future growth with end-to-end billing services.

La Joya’s Neighborhood Doctor is a family practice that has been providing high quality care to the people of Mission, TX, for over 20 years. Dr. Cavazos, her three PAs, NP, and the rest of her staff have been using eMDs integrated EHR and PM system since 2007, and recently chose to add eMDs Revenue Cycle Management Services.

The practice had been using an outside billing service and noticed that money was being left on the table. With reimbursements becoming tighter and tighter, the practice wanted to ensure it was collecting every penny it had earned.

After eMDs provided a free assessment of their financials, and used its expertize to pinpoint exactly where they were losing money, La Joya decided to take the plunge. “When we looked at everything, it didn’t make sense NOT to try it,” commented Dennis Laughlin, the Practice Administrator.

The partnership has been a success with La Joya’s Neighborhood Doctor experiencing striking improvements in its Accounts Receivable.  Now the practice is beating industry benchmarks.

  • The percentage of AR that was over 90 days plummeted 64%.
  • Almost half of their AR is under 30 days.
  • Overall Days in AR have dropped by nearly 20 days.

All of this speaks to drastic improvements in the amount of money being received and an increase in the speed at which it is being collected. 

“We’re looking at opening a second practice next door because of the increased revenue,” says Dennis Laughlin, Practice Administrator. “Letting eMDs manage the billing with their team has helped us focus on our business and what we do best: delivering care to our patients.”

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eMDs has over two decades’ experience in managing and understanding best practices for revenue cycle management for independent physician practices. Our team of regulatory and payment experts stay on top of all the latest government and payer requirements improve days payable outstanding and reduce claim denials. In the background, we use proven and award-winning technology tools to automate and manage workflow. That technology, along with our revenue cycle management experts, ensures our customers are maximizing every available dollar for your practice.

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