Practice Management (PM) Solutions

Deliver Solid Financial Results and Optimal Patient Satisfaction

Proven Practice Management Software

Our affordable, trusted, and proven Practice Management solutions help simplify the way you run your practice- whether you’re using an EHR or not.

eMDs, a brand of CompuGroup Medical, offers stand-alone Practice Management (PM) solutions that help you keep your reimbursements flowing while streamlining the complex processes your practice faces today.

By enabling your practice to keep up with rapid change, improving patient satisfaction with your technology-enabled practice, and simplifying billing-related task management; practices are free to focus on what matters most: patient care.

Trusted PM Software Features

Our Practice Management tools give you easy-to-use solutions that help you serve your patients with personalized, compassionate care while keeping up a modern, successful practice. Our flexible offerings include the features you expect, like scheduling, and much more:

  • Robust insurance and patient billing
  • Powerful reporting to analyze practice financials
  • The option for EHR integration or standalone PM functionality

Time-Tested Functionality

We understand that when practices find something that works they are reluctant to change it. With a combined 50+ year track record, our PM solutions offer the proven performance practices need. Both patient and insurance billing workflows are continuously refined based on regulatory changes and input from our users to be simple, fast, and accurate.

PM Software Solutions that are Perfect for Billing Services

Hundreds of medical billing services across the country utilize our PM software solutions to deliver excellent financial outcomes for their customers. eMDs’ affordable practice management solutions scale so that your billing company, and your customers, can thrive! Whether your business services a handful of medical practices or hundreds of providers, we have a right-size solution for you.

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Proven Practice Management Solutions

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