If you’re a primary care practice and you aren’t already part of the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) program from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) then it’s  probably time you were financially rewarded for the superior performance you provide.

Qualifying for NCQA PCMH recognition may seem daunting and many practices are already spread thin with value-based care programs such as Medicare Incentive Payment System (MIPS). However, practices that use eMDs Aprima, have an advantage in earning PCMH recognition since eMDs Aprima Version 18 is one of a handful of products that have earned NCQA PCMH Prevalidation. NCQA PCMH Prevalidation is designed to help practices identify health IT solutions that reduce the administrative burdens of meeting NCQA PCMH program requirements. eMDs Aprima (Version 18, as well as previous versions) was awarded this designation following a rigorous evaluation of our solution’s functionality, including a thorough review of reporting functions and screenshots, and a live demonstration.

Reports Screenshot for PCMH by eMDs

Here are three facts you need to know about becoming an NCQA-recognized PCMH.

  1. Your practice already likely meets many PCMH criteria. NCQA simply defines a PCMH as “a model of care that puts patients at the forefront of care.” There are both core and elective criteria. If you use eMDs Aprima, you will likely find you’re already able to check off many boxes. Aprima Version 18 is prevalidated by NCQA to fully meet:
    1. Seven required Core Criteria in the areas of Knowing and Managing Your Patients, Patient-Centered Access and Continuity, Care Coordination and Care Transitions, and Performance Measurement and Quality Improvement
    2. Eight credits of Elective Criteria in the areas of Team-Based Care and Practice Organization, Knowing and Managing Your Patients, Patient- Centered Access and Continuity, and Performance Measurement and Quality Improvement
    3. Nine additional Criteria for Support in the areas of Knowing and Managing Your Patients, and Care Coordination and Care Transitions

What this means is that practices that are actively using eMDs Aprima Version 18 to fulfill PCMH criteria have a lower administrative burden of providing supporting documentation, saving time and using technology that helps the practice provide better, more patient-centered care.

  1. Efficient documentation is a must. It will come as no surprise that earning and maintaining NCQA PCMH recognition requires rigorous documentation and reporting. With eMDs Aprima, workflows are streamlined and highly automated to help you meet these requirements without slowing down providers.

Our platform is among the most flexible in the industry, allowing providers to customize the system and document using their preferred method instead of accommodating to the EHR. eMDs Aprima lowers the administrative burden of providing supporting documentation for PCMH recognition in two important ways:

  1. Practices do not have to submit documentation for factors that have been awarded autocredit as part of the NCQA Prevalidation process.
  2. eMDs Aprima includes dozens of dashboard reports that provide the documentation required for the PCMH recognition process. These reports are standard and allow practices to quickly produce the documentation they need.
  1. Patient communication and care access are crucial. With “patient centered” in its name, it will come as no surprise that the PCMH recognition emphasizes the patient experience, One area where practices can optimize patient experience is to make it easy for them to communicate with providers, access care and their chart information.
    1. The appointment scheduler in eMDs Aprima supports the Access and Continuity standard for providing same-day appointment slots for routine and urgent care needs, and for routine and urgent care slots outside of regular business hours.
    2. eMDs Aprima includes our Patient Portal and can be used for secure, two-way communication between patients and staff.

Whether your practice is seeking NCQA PCMH recognition status for the first time or working to maintain or upgrade your existing PCMH status, eMDs Aprima is an ideal solution that provides simple workflows and easy-to-use tools for demonstrating your PCMH accomplishments.

Aprima has been supporting our customers’ efforts to achieve patient-centered medical home (PCMH) status since 2010, when our client, Potomac Physicians became the first practice in the country to achieve NCQA PCMH Level 3 status.

“By providing software that helps physician practices build the patient-focused, coordinated care infrastructure expected of NCQA patient-centered medical homes, eMDs Aprima is helping practices be part of modern healthcare’s most important transformations. Medical homes are the way of the future, and eMDs Aprima is helping practices get there.”

– Margaret E. O’Kane, NCQA President

At eMDs Aprima, we see PCMHs as the way of the future, especially as the industry seeks to find ways to keep patients healthy, reduce costly complications and improve the quality of outcomes. That’s why we continue to make it easy for practices to earn PCMH Recognition.