Par Plus Service Schedule (1.2020)

Par Plus Service Schedule


  1. Par Plus Software and Services. Pursuant to the terms of this Service Schedule, Company shall provide to Customer Company’s Par Plus software, which provides a secure, web-based credentialing application in a read-only manner to manage Customer’s provider enrollment and credentialing.
  2. Par Plus Software License. Customer is granted access to Par Plus pursuant to the terms of the Subscription Software License.  Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Subscription Software License, Customer is permitted to provide its employees, who Customer has provided with access to the Application (“Employee Users”), with access to Par Plus pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth in this Service Schedule and such Employee Users shall be considered Users for purposes of the Subscription Software License.  Par Plus may be used only by the number of Employee Users designated in the Sales Order.
  3. Company Responsibilities. Provided that Customer pays all Fees when due, Company shall provide Customer and Employee Users with access to Par Plus and provide standard maintenance for Par Plus. Company shall provide application support at the following hours:  8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.  Customer shall provide to Customer two (2) hours of training consisting of application set-up, remote, and online training, at no cost, to Employee Users via Company’s online learning management system.  On-site training can be purchased at an additional cost.
  4. Customer Responsibilities.

    a. Appoint an Administrative Point of Contact. Client shall appoint an Administrative Point of Contact to coordinate the training of applicable Employee Users at initial go live and for communication following implementation for ongoing communication. Customer will notify Company of any change of the Administrative Point of Contact two (2) weeks prior to implementing change.

    b. Compliance with Laws. Customer understands and agrees it is responsible for compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations as it relates to its use of the Par Plus and its provision of access to Par Plus to Employee Users, including, but not limited to, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”). Customer shall not provide access to any Employee Users who reside outside of the United States and its territories.  If Customer becomes aware of any allegation that Par Plus violates any privacy or security law or of any risk to the privacy and security of information available through Par Plus, Customer shall immediately notify Company.  Customer shall cooperate with Company’s reasonable requests related to the investigation of, response to or mitigation of any risks associated with such notification.

    c. Unauthorized Use. Customer shall promptly notify Company of any unauthorized use or infringement of Par Plus or any other Company’s intellectual property by Employee Users or others, of which Customer becomes aware.  Company shall have the right, at its expense, to bring an action on account of such unauthorized uses or infringements.  Customer shall cooperate with Company in such action in such manner as Company may reasonably request, at Company’s cost and expense.

    d. Responsibility of Employee Users. Customer is responsible for all activity of any: (i) Employee User; (ii) any other employee of Customer; (ii) an individual who is under Customer’s supervision and control; and (iv) others accessing or using the credentialing application through or on behalf of Customer. Customer is also responsible for: (i) identifying and enrolling individuals who Customer determines should be Employee Users; (ii) assigning appropriate roles and access rights to such Employee Users; (iii) monitoring Employee Users’ access to and use of Par Plus; (v) ensuring each Employee User’s compliance with the Agreement; and (vi) notifying eMDs whenever an Employee User’s employment, contract or affiliation with Customer is terminated or Customer otherwise desires to suspend or curtail an Employee User’s access to and use of Par Plus.