eMDs’ Clinical Decision Support (CDS) offers real-time, patient-specific alerts at the point of care to help providers deliver the highest quality of care while simultaneously meeting requirements for Quality Programs, like MIPS requirements, and providing patient education whose goal is keeping patients healthy and out of the hospital.

Clinical Decision Support

Our platform offers tens of thousands of evidence-based care rules, and incorporates comprehensive patient information, including demographics, age, sex and vital signs, as well as present and past test results, diagnoses, medications and more.

Deploying our CDS solution is easy, requiring minimal implementation resources and training without disruption of clinician workflow. We create prioritized, actionable alerts on patients, enabling you to:

  • Quickly identify and reach out to patients who are due for tests or procedures
  • Improve treatment adherence
  • Boost physician productivity and compliance by allowing clinicians to efficiently make the most-informed, evidence-based treatment decisions
  • Receive the alerts you need when you need them, without alert overload, to improve quality of care
  • Satisfy MU requirements around CDS, patient education and reporting/data exchange.

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