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More than an application CGM PLUS is a true Cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service platform, fully integrated Practice Management and Electronic Health Record system built on the very latest technology. Its design is both intuitive – created by physicians for physicians – and feature-rich, with everything you need to schedule, chart, and bill.

Patient EHR

CGM PLUS is a remarkable EHR that supports efficiency and flexibility. Multiple note types for progress notes, procedures, communications and other forms of documentation are supported. The new paradigm in electronic charting supports multi-view templates, free text and users can even use voice recognition. Health summary views are fully customizable by physicians. All historical patient data is easily reviewed.

Smart Data Cascading Chart Framework & Health Summary

The Chart framework provides access to a complete, longitudinal view of the patient. Multiple options and quick chronology tool make it easy to quickly review chart-related information and activities within the patient context: Health Summary & Notes, documents, orders & results, and reminders. Health Summary is designed to be intuitive, with status-at-a- glance view of data and user-defined customization via drag and drop.

Intelligent Order Entry (IOE)

Intelligent Order Entry streamlines the identification and creation of relevant orders such as labs, referrals, and medications, all automatically captured in the patient’s health record. Best practice hints at the point of care provide additional support while clinicians can easily save common order sets. Because IOE automates this process, your staff is free to focus on other patient care items

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User Defined Operational Dashboards

Efficient workflow management is the key to running and efficient practice and going home on time. Customizable, role-based status widgets make it easy to show snapshots of important information so you can easily monitor and manage workload. Rapidly drill through into different parts of the system to take care of messages, results, refills and other tasks all with hyperlinks that make it easy to drill into the appropriate charts, claims, and more.

Patient Portal

A powerful tool for patient engagement. Patients have their own mobile-friendly personal health record (PHR) that is tightly connected to the EHR. Physicians can securely send results and other information such as education documents to patients. Appointment requests and confirmations reduce staff burden. Patients can request medication refills.

Clinical Reminders and Rules

A powerful rules engine makes it easy to set up sophisticated alerts to ensure patients are kept up to date with best practices protocols and practices keep up with quality requirements. Rules can also be tailored to meet numerous other requirements including reminders to capture consents, HIPAA waivers, and other forms.

Medicapaedia Clinical Interface Terminology Engine

Medicapaedia is an CompuGroup Medical proprietary tool that contains a comprehensive vocabulary of clinical terminology, including diagnosis, symptoms, orders/ procedures, and observations. It provides a number of benefits including quicker content updates, easier report retrieval through the use of structured concepts, and rapid note documentation through a concept being linked to multiple clinical vocabularies.

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