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Soar Beyond Expectations with CGM eMDs

Our CGM eMDs clinical solutions are designed by practicing physicians who recognize that software needs to be fast, customizable, and intuitive at the point of care. Since 1996, we have built solutions based on how physicians work and engage with their patients. Physician satisfaction is always top of mind, and our customers play an important role in product design and strategy.

Timely & Accurate Reimbursements

Our powerful practice management application includes a comprehensive set of billing and accounts receivable management features combined with administrative task and workflow management tools. Through the automation of common billing office functions, our billing tool streamlines front and back office workflow while ensuring timely and accurate reimbursement.

Smooth Throughput Drives Patient Satisfaction

Our schedule module maximizes office productivity by making physician and equipment scheduling quick and easy. A flexible system, Schedule ensures that the complex rules associated with scheduling medical care are upheld. For your front office staff, Schedule provides the intuitive and easy to use tools they need to drive practice productivity while creating an environment that ensures the highest level of patient satisfaction.

Document Care Rapidly & Accurately

Our award winning EHR package is designed to expedite the documentation of care, as well as track and complete the administrative and clinical tasks necessary to provide complete medical care. Our chart module allows swift and complete documentation at the point of care in a manner that is intuitive and easy to use. This translates into better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.

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Customer Success Stories

Mid-State Health

Community Health Center Becomes Level 3 Medical Home, Thrives Using eMDs

Davies Award Winner Credits eMDs for Success

eMDs Boosts Revenues, Cuts Costs for Alaska Practice

Drive Patient Engagement & Satisfaction

CGM eMDs’ Patient Portal is user friendly, customizable to your practice preferences, and accessible anywhere with an internet connection. With the patient portal you can message patients securely, share healthcare results, provide forms proactively, educate patients on new services, deliver full record access, and broadcast urgent messages.

Easily Handle Task Management

A robust intra-office messaging and tasking system make it easy for you and your team to stay on track and easily deal with all the communications that fly around a medical practice. Truly the glue of the system TaskMan makes it possible to go home on time. Integrated tightly into your workflows, results system, prescribing, reports, and even automated practice management tasks, TaskMan helps you run an efficient practice so you can focus on patient care.

State of the Art Prescribing Platform for Medication Management & Adherence

Our prescribing enhancements are sure to WOW you. Some of the perks include: no more pharmacy matching or mapping, a continuous workflow for prescribing, the ability to cancel and fill prescriptions, no more time consuming drug updates, plus more…and we also included benefit information at the point of care as well as electronic prior authorization – huge for saving time and helping with medication adherence.

A Secure Hosted Environment

CompuGroup Medical has a hosted option for CGM eMDs – eliminating the headaches and cost of managing your servers onsite. Now you have a cost effective, scalable solution supported by the team that understands CGM eMDs the best.

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