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CGM APRIMA EHR software is here to simplify your work

CGM APRIMA EHR and practice management system offers a single application to increase your practice’s efficiency. The flexibility of being able to set the system up to work for each provider will simplify workflows without hindering the ability to treat patients. CGM APRIMA EHR learns a provider’s workflow and anticipates treatment plans.

with a Health Information Exchange (HIE), direct messaging, or with participation in our national network partners’ programs such as Carequality and CommonWell. Access your patient’s most up to date information wherever they were treated.

Practice management
is built into the solution. By having one system for your EHR and PM system, your practice can streamline the process of scheduling appointments, treating patients, and billing for the visit. The PM system includes customizable reports to help you keep track of what matters to your practice.

Anticipate next steps to increase your practice’s efficiency

Increasing efficiency for plan-based care is easier than ever with CGM APRIMA. Adaptive learning recognizes what is being captured in a patient’s chart and anticipates likely next steps. Based on the diagnoses added to the patient’s chart, CGM APRIMA will look at a provider’s usual course of action and displays a plan to include commonly prescribed medications, orders, commonly performed procedures, plan comments, and patient instruction. The more you document and treat your patients, the more CGM APRIMA can learn how you work and anticipate your care plan. Adaptive Learning accelerates the documenting process and time it takes to provide patients the care they need.

EHR technology allows access to charts anywhere, anytime

Avoid the burnout that comes with constantly needing to document after hours to keep charts current. With CGM APRIMA’s replication technology, providers can access patient charts and clinical notes anywhere, anytime – no internet connection needed. Perfect for providers who see patients out of the office (e.g. nursing homes), the offline mode will track any changes and when reconnected to the network, CGM APRIMA will update the charts to the most current version. Providers can use CGM APRIMA with the smartphone app, designed for phones and tablets.

Maintain eye contact and relationships with your patients

CGM APRIMA’s intelligent navigation works to avoid cumbersome approaches that prevent eye contact with the patient. That means no popup windows, drop down lists, scrolling pick-lists, or cascading menus. Intelligent Navigation displays clinically relevant information based on presenting symptoms in concurrent frames to quickly select findings.

Integrated telehealth brings patients and providers closer together

Our proprietary telehealth platform will simplify your workflow as you treat your patients. CGM PATIENT CONNECT is integrated directly into CGM APRIMA EHR (electronic health record) software, allowing you to access your patient notes in the same screen as your video call so you can keep your focus on the patient without annoying tabbing to a 3rd party system. With more patients than ever looking for telehealth options, CGM PATIENT CONNECT opens a new revenue stream for your practice. This platform is HIPAA compliant, encrypting all patient data to ensure safe interactions. Schedule your telehealth visits the same way you schedule in-person visits, give your staff the ability to join and leave calls as needed, all without downloading a separate application.

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