Increase Physician Satisfaction

Increase Physician Satisfaction with the Right EHR

Using the right EHR allows physicians to combat the #1 source of their frustrations: a lack of time. A shortage of physician time has negative implications for all stakeholders in healthcare: the patient, the practice, and the provider. The following stats about physician satisfaction are derived from survey responses and reflect the fact that a lack of time is hurting providers. Did you know that:

  • 80% of physicians report feeling overextended with no time to see additional patients
  • 49% of physicians often or always experience feelings of burnout
  • Only 37% of physicians describe their feelings about the future of the medical profession as positive

The previously mentioned lack of time is driven, in part, by the ever-increasing administrative burden placed on physicians and their practices.

How Practices Can Combat the Effects of Physician Burnout

Start with an award winning EHR from eMDs. Our back-to-back winning Best in KLAS software allows providers to finish their notes before the patient hits the checkout window.

Tired of your EHR software costing you time and money? Check out our tips and best practices to help you switch EHRs confidently. Once you’ve reviewed the guide, contact us to let us know how we can help.