Patients are increasingly requesting telehealth as an option for their care. If telehealth is offered for OBGYN practices, patients don’t have to worry about traveling, taking time off work, finding a babysitter. It is a more convenient option for some patients, depending on the reason for the visit. Primary care is perhaps a more obvious use case for telehealth than some other specialties, but every specialty can benefit from offering telehealth as an option. But what can be accomplished in an OBGYN telehealth visit? More than one might think.

Manage Post-Partum Symptoms with a Telemedicine Platform

The transition from pregnancy to postpartum, brings with it a variety of new symptoms and questions. New moms can experience anything from swollen legs, to constipation, to cramping and bleeding. They might have questions about breast feeding, activity restrictions, or new aches and pains. In more serious cases, your patient may be experiencing the “baby blues” or post-partum depression. By leveraging virtual visits, your practice can manage these questions and symptoms via telehealth.

Treat Gestational Diabetes Using Telehealth for OBGYN

Another condition that can be treated during a telehealth visit is gestational diabetes. Specific meal plans, exercise, and even daily insulin checks are essential for effectively managing the condition. Weekly check ins will keep your patient on track with the treatment plan and follow the progression of diabetes. Instead of checking in with a non-reimbursable phone call, schedule weekly telehealth visits to keep tabs on your patients suffering from gestational diabetes.

Follow up on Well Exams with the Help of Telemedicine

Annual well exams require a head-to-toe physical exam for OBGYN providers to perform but following up on blood work and other tests is a great use for a telehealth visit. These encounters provide you with the chance to discuss how the patient can make lifestyle decisions to improve overall health – especially important when abnormal results are found.

Medication Refills for OBGYN Patients via Telehealth

Telehealth visits can be helpful to ensure patients are keeping up on their care plan. For patients with conditions such as directional diabetes, or other patients that won’t require a visit, they can get medication refills via a telehealth visit. Using your EHR system, you can easily identify patients who need refills, and access their files and check notes to see if they need to come in. If they don’t, a telehealth visit can be triggered, you can check in with the patient, and then refill the medication. This is a billable event for providers, and easy on the patient.

OBGYN providers can benefit from telehealth visits. With these appointments being expected from patients, it helps ease burdens for the patient and ensure they keep up with their treatment. For providers, offering telehealth visits creates a billable event for what would otherwise just be a phone call keeping revenue flowing into the practice.