We are experiencing widespread outrage, anger, sadness and fear across our country and in our world.  The senseless killing of George Floyd and others and the ensuing protests and riots have overwhelmed our nation.  As we watch these events unfold, we are acutely aware that our nation has struggled for decades to achieve the meaningful and enduring change that it takes to overcome racism, bigotry, and acts of violence that in turn endanger our communities.

eMDs has long fostered non-discriminatory practices.  We require diversity and anti-discrimination training.  We adhere strictly to the requirements of being an equal opportunity employer.  Two of our Core Values are “Treating Everyone with Respect and Dignity”, and “Embracing Creativity and Individuality”.  For us, race should never be considered when a position is being filled.  100% of the time, we focus on hiring the best possible candidate for the position, regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, etc.  We believe and support hiring the best of the best is the only way to go.

However, recent events have shown that we can and should do more.  We recognize that the past norms of how companies like eMDs approach diversity and inclusion need to be enhanced and updated.

With that in mind, we are taking actions that will further show our commitment to ensure that eMDs as a company as well as all our team members continue to recognize how important it is to do more.  We will be:

  • Increasing team member Diversity and Inclusion training requirements including adding more unconscious bias education to help us recognize and acknowledge where we may have biases.
  • Adding more internal dialogue opportunities that allow for open, honest discussion. We will also hold more company events such as scheduled group discussions for which we gather teams members and let each group address their thoughts around specific topics like Diversity, eMDs Culture, etc., and will add Diversity Days which are considered part of the standard compensated work hours.
  • Becoming a more active participant in the wider business community with a goal to learn from the shared experiences, best practices, successes, and failures of corporations large and small.
  • Adding new and purposefully diverse Team Member Diversity Working Groups. These groups will be tasked with helping to foster and grow our culture of inclusiveness and awareness. They will provide recommendations for regarding diversity and inclusion activities and policies and will help with activities that encourage frank and open conversation at all levels of the company and help us evolve further as an inclusive workplace.

Knowledge is the most prudent weapon against injustice, inequality and intolerance.  It is our desire to be a positive influence in a world that is struggling with change.  We believe it is important to show love and respect for each other and to stand up for justice for all.

By reflecting these values in our daily work and in our interactions with co-workers, customers, and other stakeholders, we are hopeful about the power of what we can achieve together. We must be willing to stand up for justice, to support one another, and to have zero tolerance for any acts of discrimination.  By doing so, we maintain a safe, respectful workplace that supports the financial and personal wellbeing of all.

We provide the means for our customers who are healthcare providers to continue with their businesses and provide the much-needed care for a very diverse population across the country.  A cohesive team is united in ensuring eMDs has an impact on our world and maximizes the significant impact and contributions each person at eMDs makes to our mission and vision.

At eMDs, we stand firmly behind the US Declaration of Independence that states that all men (and women) are created equal.  We want to see communication happening between all parties so that everyone can experience the equality we have been promised and we deserve.  We encourage the leaders of our country to engage in discussions aimed at bettering our country and our world.  Together, we stand in solidarity with our eMDs family, our customers, our partners, and our community in the fight against racism and injustice.


Your Partner in Success, Growth, and Inclusion!