If dealing with the pandemic wasn’t bad enough, what’s more alarming is that cyber threats have increased almost six-fold over the past six months with no end in sight. Organizations are forced to operate under new conditions, with even more stringent rules and policies and with new unfamiliar tools to try and keep their businesses afloat. But as expected, malicious hackers are ready to pounce and the ability to follow strict HHS guidelines as it pertains to HIPAA/HITECH are even more critical given today’s environment.

With the right email encryption platform, you have an opportunity to make immediate positive changes to your work environment, your security, and of course adhering to compliance guidelines. With the ability to send secure emails directly from your EMR or EHR system, you also improve the patient experience, while saving costs, and improving productivity within your company. Are you looking to improve your Business security and workflow? Here’s how:

Flexible Work Environments Require Strong Technology and Communication Tools

Working remotely has become part of the new normal in a post COVID-19 world. This means an even higher dependency on technology and communication tools. With a powerful email encryption platform, you can communicate securely with anyone with the added benefits of sending GB file size attachments, real-time tracking and audit trail, message expiry and message recall.

Improve Security with Email Encryption

One of the main reasons to move towards email encryption is to improve your security, and allow your users to communicate more effectively, while saving time and costs. The right email encryption suite should provide multiple layers of encryption and security for every email you send. Further, having the ability to present expiration dates for your secure emails and being able to recall them with no limitations are key elements to email encryption tools

Improve Compliance with an Encryption Solution

The ability to adapt to a new work environment will always have an impact on Compliance. Whether it’s HIPAA/HITECH, PCI, CCPA, or any other Federal or State privacy regulations, you can be rest assured that the right solution will adhere to strict standards and processes.

Save Time, Resources and Costs by Choosing the Right Email Encryption Partner

With rich features and functionality, your organization may immediately see the benefits by saving valuable time, costs and resources. Reduce costs with file-sharing sites, FTP’s, cumbersome faxing solutions, mailing and courier services. Real-time tracking and audit trail availability allows your users to monitor in real-time whether your secure emails have been read, attempted to be read, replied or forwarded, printed, or even have the attachments previewed or downloaded. Empower your users by giving them more communication intel before they make that next phone call for a status update.

Premium Practice Support Improves Patient Experience

Using services that are otherwise cumbersome or confusing is a direct reflection of your business to your customers. Eliminate frustrating experiences, backed with premium customer support for your staff and your recipients. An ideal registration system, if required, should be no more than a 30 second process that asks just a few questions and allows cross collaboration for other organizations using the platform.  Alternative verification methods should include phone, text and shared secret.

Improve Productivity for Your Medical Practice

In a post-COVID-19 world, organizations are struggling to find ways to become more productive while saving costs. Having the ability to securely communicate with other Healthcare clinics, labs, offices, Insurance companies and even patients is a significant benefit in streamlining workflow and operations. The ability to track messages and PHI content sent to both internal and external users is a critical success factor in improving productivity.

Seamless Integration with your eMDs Solution

Have you ever wanted to email documents out of your EHR system? Save your users significant time and effort, by securely emailing patient notes, summaries, test results, and CCDAs without ever having to leave your EHR interface. N-Krypt works with all eMDs solutions.

  • Aprima v18+ – Securely Email any document with a click of an integrated button built directly within the Aprima UI. Securely sending documents to any email address with full HIPAA/HITECH compliance has never been easier.
  • Solution Series, Practice Partner, Medisoft, Lytec – Utilize our Secure Print Driver (windows only) to securely email any document from your EMR to any email address with full HIPAA/HITECH compliance.

To find out more about how you can improve your business with secure email from N-Krypt, please visit the eMDs Marketplace for more information.

About N-Krypt

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