EHR for Home-Based & Palliative Care

drummond certified onc health IT 2015 edition

In an ongoing effort to best serve home-based primary and palliative care providers, eMDs offers a 2015 Certified EHR. Practices that intend to participate in the CMS Primary Care First program, serving the Seriously Ill Population (SIP) must use a 2015 Certified EHR.

eMDs Designs EHR for Home-based & Palliative Care

Home-based primary and palliative care physicians demand efficient and flexible solutions when it comes to ensuring the best for their patients.

Whether care takes place at home or in a facility, specialists working in the home-based primary and  palliative care field understand that it requires a comprehensive approach when it comes to maintaining quality of life as much as possible for their patients and relieving or decreasing pain or other symptoms. They need technology that works quickly and efficiently for them in an office or on the go in a patient’s home while reducing physician burnout.

eMDs, a brand of CompuGroup Medical, is here to support home-based primary and palliative care specialists in their quest to ensure a high quality of care for their patients.

EHR Features for
Home-based Primary & Palliative Care

Customizable, efficient patient care is key for home-based primary and palliative care specialists. eMDs works with specialists to offer core features that meet their electronic health record software requirements.

  • Adaptive Learning recognizes what is being captured and anticipates likely next steps to increase efficiency. With Adaptive Learning, plan-based care is easier than ever – based on the diagnosis, the software displays the provider’s plan to include medications commonly prescribed, orders, procedures commonly performed, plan comments, and patient instruction. Adaptive Learning accelerates the documenting process and time it takes to provide patients the care they need.
  • Replication is offline capability that enables providers to document at the point of care when there is no internet connectivity. This offline capability makes charting easier than ever before. Providers out in the field can chart real-time and have access to the patient’s record and most recent information that was available the last time the device was synchronized. Save your providers time from charting after the fact – charts update automatically as soon as the device is online.
  • Intelligent Navigation works as it’s meant to – it avoids the popup windows, drop down lists, scrolling pick-lists, cascading menus or other cumbersome approaches that prevent eye contact with the patient. Intelligent Navigation displays clinically relevant information based on presenting symptoms in concurrent frames to quickly select findings.

Easy Quality Reporting

eMDs includes a real-time MACRA dashboard so home-based primary care and palliative care practices can track their progress on the fly. Our MACRA dashboard provides drill-down capability into individual patient records for total clarity into each measure.  Standard and included reporting capability provides what home-based primary and palliative care practices need to successfully attest to their MIPS or APM participation.

Providers interested in Primary Care First, working with the Seriously Ill Population (SIP) will have access to a solution built specifically for home-based primary and palliative care providers. It enables providers to streamline their operations in office or in the field, simplify compliance and boost clinical and financial outcomes with a customized mobile solution that enables real-time data exchange and communication between field clinicians, physicians and office staff for better care and more accurate reporting.


eMDs gives home-based primary and palliative care providers the EHR interoperability tools they need to connect with patient data in the way that works best for them, and, just as importantly, those with whom they need to connect. Whether that is with a point to point interface, integration with a Health Information Exchange (HIE), direct messaging, or with participation in our national network partners’ programs such as Care Quality and CommonWell.

Healthcare organizations are working hard to move from paper-based, manual processes to streamlined digital workflows to handle faxes. eMDs users can centralize all fax workflows into a single solution, integrated into our EHR for optimal efficiency and interoperability. Inbound fax workflows can be routed, processed and filed to the patient chart. Outbound faxes can be sent directly from the EHR.