EHR for Home Health

With Aprima Replication, I don’t have to worry if I have an Internet connection or not. I visit my nursing home patients daily and never have to worry about having a connection on site. When I am back online, all the work for the day is automatically uploaded and I’m done.”


Dr. Kwon Lee, MD
Wound care specialist for nursing homes and home healthcare patients

EHR for Home Health

Demand for home health visits is exploding and this demand is expected to increase into the 2050s.

Give your home health organization the tools it needs to thrive in the face of new documentation requirements and to successfully participate in quality programs like MACRA MIPS and more.

EHR Features for Home Health

eMDs provides an EHR for home health providers that includes the tools they need to optimize their time at a patient’s home and thrive as businesses.


Our Replication technology allows users to fully document patient charts, look up or enter data, and perform other everyday tasks all without access to a network or wireless connection.

Your eMDs EHR automatically transmits and syncs files when your internet connection is restored.

eMDs Mobile App

Save time with access to eMDs EHR anytime, anywhere on your Apple or Android device. Review notes, act on lab results, refill or write prescriptions, and much more. Our mobile is included at no charge with your Aprima  EHR service.

Bilingual Patient Portal

eMDs’ native Patient Portal provides English and Spanish language support from desktop and mobile devices. Patients and authorized family members can view their chart, request appointments and prescription refills, communicate securely with their home health organization, and much more.

Device Integration

Interfaces with a variety of medical equipment allow clinicians to take many of the medical devices they need for patient care with them. Results can be documented real time and on site. Contact us for a list of support devices.

EHR Coding Assistance for Home Health Organizations

Remove uncertainty from your Chronic Care Management (CCM) billing, Care Plan Oversight (CPO) efforts, and Medical House Call E&M billing by recognizing

  • The patient received house call services required by Medicare in order to receive CPO reimbursement
  • The physician or other clinician devoted and documented the required 30 minutes or more of their time to supervision of patient’s care plan
  • The physician provided a service requiring a face-to-face encounter with the patient in the 6 month period before CPO was billed

Chronic Care Management (CCM)

CCM tracking and billing is built into eMDs EHR for Home Health to simplify the management of in-house CCM or, if you prefer, it can be outsourced to one of our trusted partners.

eMDs EHR for Home Health also supports and helps calculate all Medical House Call E&M codes to simplify your billing process.

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