EHR for Dermatology

Dermatologist checking patient's skin

“This piece [EHR with a dermatology database] was really important to me. Nothing is worse than launching a new practice with an untested system that your staff doesn’t understand. I needed a system that they would be able to use in day-to-day operations.” Dr. Lindsay Ackerman.

eMDs Designs EHRs for Dermatology

Dermatology providers require an EHR solution that will work for them when treating their patients. A flexible, efficient solution is a requirement for treating their patients. With a system that will work for them, providers can do more and ensure patients get the best care possible.

Specialists working in the Dermatology field understand the comprehensive requirements their technology must meet to treat a wide range of patient concerns. They need a solution that works quickly and efficiently and can be customized to their specific workflows. The perfect EHR will include all industry standard datasets such as General, Cosmetic, Mohs and Pathology.

eMDs is here to support Dermatologists in their quest to ensure the best care for their patients.



Dermatology providers need a solution that fits the needs of their patients – including those who can’t come into the office. eMDs offers a solution with integrated telehealth to ensure specialists are focusing on their patients’ concerns while still being able to add clinical notes in the same screen. Perfect for providers who treat patients with tight schedules or live in remote areas, patients can have their skin, hair, and nail concerns addressed from the comfort of their own home. Providers can check in on chronic condition patients, prescribe medications, and more from a solution that integrates directly into our EHR.

With the growing request from patients to offer virtual visits to accommodate their timetables, this is the ideal opportunity to implement telehealth. eMDs Patient Connect is here to help you save time, cash, and give better consideration to your patients with a coordinated arrangement that works for you and with you. All the more critically it is helpful for your patients, uniting them with your office any place they are.

Easy Quality Reporting

eMDs includes a real-time MACRA dashboard so dermatology practices can track their progress on the fly. Our MACRA dashboard provides drill-down capability into individual patient records for total clarity into each measure.  Standard and included reporting capability provides what Dermatology care practices need to successfully attest to their MIPS or APM participation.


eMDs gives Dermatologists the EHR interoperability tools they need to connect with patient data in the way that works best for them, and, just as importantly, those with whom they need to connect. Whether that is with a point to point interface, integration with a Health Information Exchange (HIE), direct messaging, or with participation in our national network partners’ programs such as Care Quality and CommonWell.

Healthcare organizations are working hard to move from paper-based, manual processes to streamlined digital workflows to handle faxes. eMDs users can centralize all fax workflows into a single solution, integrated into our EHR for optimal efficiency and interoperability. Inbound fax workflows can be routed, processed and filed to the patient chart. Outbound faxes can be sent directly from the EHR.

EHR Features for

Customizable, efficient patient care is paramount for Dermatologists. eMDs works with specialists to offer core features that meet their electronic health record software requirements. Avoid templates and set up a system that works for your providers and keep connected, all within one solution.

  • Adaptive Learning recognizes what is being captured and anticipates likely next steps to enable providers to be more efficient. Plan-based care is easier than ever because based on the diagnosis, the software displays the provider’s most likely plan based on medications commonly prescribed, orders, procedures commonly performed, plan comments, and patient instruction. Adaptive Learning accelerates the documenting process and time it takes to provide patients the care they need.
  • Integration with a Health Information Exchange (HIE), direct messaging, or with participation in our national network partners’ programs such as Care Quality and CommonWell. Access your patient’s most up to date information wherever they were treated, their lab results, and whatever relevant health information you need to treat conditions.
  • Intelligent Navigation works to help providers focus on their patient. Avoid popup windows, scrolling pick-lists, drop down lists, cascading menus or other cumbersome menus that prevent eye contact with the patient. Intelligent Navigation displays clinically relevant information based on presenting symptoms in concurrent frames to quickly select findings.