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With more features than ever before, CGM MEDISOFT V27 is a proven, trusted, and affordable practice management solution. Simplify the way you run your practice.



CGM MEDISOFT Practice Management and EHR keeps your reimbursements flowing and streamlines complex processes.


CGM MEDISOFT is an easy-to-use solution that helps you serve your patients with personalized, compassionate care while keeping up a modern, successful practice.


CGM MEDISOFT V27 lets you easily merge duplicate charts, move charges between cases, designate patient pop-up messages, and more.

On sale October 10, 2022: CGM MEDISOFT V27

Loved by thousands of practices, our trusted practice management system is getting even better. Pick a feature below to learn more about what’s new in CGM MEDISOFT V27 – on sale beginning October 10, 2022.

PDF file support ≫

CGM MEDISOFT V27 supports PDF files and multi-page documents. Import insurance card scans and other items more easily.

Reminder preferences ≫

Opt patients in to CGM CONNECTION appointment reminders more easily thanks to the new global preferences setting.

Streamlined appointments ≫

The patient drop-down menu for creating appointments within office hours is easier to use in CGM MEDISOFT V27 thanks to the new inactive status indicator.

Collect the correct amount easily with CGM MEDISOFT V27

Have you ever collected the wrong amount from a patient?  Maybe you didn’t collect anything? Or, maybe you had to issue a refund, costing you time and associated costs?

We all know it is a best practice to collect patient out-of-pocket amounts at time of service, but sometimes it has been hard to know the exact amount.

CGM MEDISOFT V27 makes this much easier. The new, enhanced display shows the co-pay, co-insurance, and remaining deductible pulled right from the most recent eligibility check from our eMEDIX clearinghouse.

Best of all, if any amount is different from what your users may have entered previously, the amount will be highlighted to draw attention to the discrepancy.

Now you’ll be sure you’re looking at the most recent data.

Your favorite practice management solution with an award-winning EHR

Looking for options?

Your CGM MEDISOFT practice management solution can be bundled with our award-winning EHR software, CGM APRIMA. Less disruption, more efficiency? Yes please!

CGM APRIMA offers a uniquely fast, flexible, and powerful EHR designed to complement and simplify your workflow.

Developed to work the way you do, CGM APRIMA is a mature EHR designed by doctors with an intuitive, free-flowing interface designed to follow the flow of a patient visit. Best of all, you don’t have to switch your practice management system to get started today.

An EHR that follows you

Chart your notes by chief complaints, problems, or previous visits for fast, intuitive documentation.

Adaptive learning

Machine learning means that as you work, our software learns your style without special programming required by your team.

Intelligent navigation

Navigation that virtually reads your mind: the system presents clinically relevant findings based on presenting symptoms, diagnosis code, and your preferred treatments. A single solution. CGM MEDISOFT offers a fully integrated practice management and EHR solution.

No network connection? No problem

Our unique Anytime, Anywhere Replication technology lets you work with or without a connection. Hospital? Patient’s home? Nursing home? Your home? Wherever you are, you can work just as you would in the office; then the system automatically synchronizes information when connectivity is restored.

Goes where you go

Specifically designed to take advantage of tablet hardware, our Anytime, Anywhere Replication technology, including the mobile app, makes the most of touchscreens, smaller tablets, and smartphones.

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