Effective billing is a critical part of keeping your practice operating. Without being paid properly for services rendered, it’s hard to keep the doors open. Having a billing team that understands your needs and can resolve issues or follow up on denials in a timely manner can make all the difference.

Summit OBGYN knows how big of a difference having the right billing team can make. They originally partnered with two local billing offices in their area to process their transactions. However, as they went on, Summit began to have issues with their biller. The practice staff found that were often unable to to get the one on one time with their billing team that they needed to resolve issues. Summit often felt as if their practice was low on the list of concerns for the company they were working with. They struggled with inconsistency in their billing, and found that unless they caught an issue and brought it up to their billing company, it would often go unaddressed.

Unable to get the answers they needed, and with no official time range in how long billing would take, Summit OBGYN began to look for a new billing partner. The practice already partnered with CGM eMDs for their EHR system so when they learned that ARIA RCM was an option, the switch was an obvious choice. With a company they trusted and competitive pricing, Summit made the switch.

Since partnering with ARIA RCM, this practice has been able to shorten their time frame from billing to payment and has seen a major decrease in their aging AR. They also now have an account executive there to answer any questions they might have, and follow up on any issues to ensure they get resolved quickly. Learn more about how their business has improved in the newest CGM eMDs case study.