Revenue Cycle Management Case Study: Growing Small Family Practice Enlists ARIA RCM to Increase Revenue

When it comes to small practices, staff often find themselves wearing many hats at once. That is certainly the case for one practice. The family practice in Florida faced the same problems as many small practices when it came to their revenue cycle. With the goal of increasing revenue and decreasing their denial rate for their over 4,000 visits per year, their practice turned to ARIA RCM Services to help.

Slow Processes Lead to Slow Revenue Streams

Prior to their partnership with ARIA RCM, the practice relied on one part-time employee to come in and complete the billing. However, it wasn’t always the fastest process and many things fell to the wayside. “We had a lot of things we had to write off,” explained their coding and billing manager. Getting bills paid more often than not took “at least three to six months.”  Even with process changes it was taking up to 3 months. Bills would be batch processed, meaning that many would not be submitted to payers or patients for weeks at a time. If there was a problem, it took weeks, or sometimes months, to correct and then the cycle would start again.

When they switched to CGM eMDs as their new EHR, the practice began to look at ARIARCM. One of the major reasons they went with ARIA RCM was because they were already familiar with eMDs but another reason was because the ARIA RCM team also uses the software so the team has full transparency in how the work is being done. A third key to selecting ARIA RCM was how easy the transition process was. “ARIA RCM made it seamless,” they explained. “we gave access to our information and they got it done without a problem.” The billing and coding manager was particularly impressed with the training process to begin to use ARIA RCM, and how it only takes a few simple clicks to be able to code visits, submit bills for payment, or communicate with the billing group via the built in messaging system.

Increased Revenue with ARIA RCM

The family practice has seen the benefits of switching from an in-house biller to ARIA RCM.  Their payment velocity has increased dramatically.  This also means they are also more likely to collect on any balances.  “We’re getting paid after four or five days. That was unheard of before. Bills go out on Monday and sometimes by Friday, they’re already paid.” Up until beginning their partnership with ARIA RCM, that was not a common occurrence with third parties involved. Now, their office sees 75% of their payments 7 to 10 days later. They have been surprised by how significant the revenue increase has been compared to what they saw with an in-house biller.

One of the most impressive aspects of the service is the personalized relationship they have with their ARIA RCM Account Executive and the ARIA RCM team whose goal is to take the burden from the practice and make the process significantly easier, they said. “There’s no ‘oh we got this, let’s put it in this pile and wait for it to send it back out.’ It’s done right away and the team is there to help with a problem if I catch it. We don’t have to wait for it to be denied to get it fixed.” If the manager notices a mistake during their duties, they can reach out to her Aria account executive to get it corrected and get the bill sent back out. “Before, we would have to wait for the paper claim to come back in and it would take months.” Now, they say, the practice staff can send an email about an issue in the afternoon and it’s resolved by the next morning. They also believe that the practice benefits from a monthly call with their account executive to go over reports and address any issues that have arisen.