Urgent Care Practice Finds Value with One Solution for EHR, PM and RCM

Alan Hall, MD spent over 20 years as an emergency medicine and family practice physician before opening an urgent care center in Texas. Hall started Oakridge  Urgent Care in 2008, after realizing the growing need in his community for quality, timely and convenient medical care for minor emergencies. Though Hall was originally reluctant to use an electronic health record (EHR) system, he knew that EHRs were the future and that eventually he’d need to adopt one.


While attending a seminar to learn more about the operational aspects of running an urgent care facility, Hall discovered the CGM APRIMA EHR and practice management (PM) solution. What stood out to him about CGM APRIMA  was the software’s ability to adapt to users over time and learn their individual preferences. Hall explored other EHRs, but eventually selected CGM APRIMA, which he believed was the most straight-forward and easy-to-learn solution. He also felt CGM APRIMA EHR would not be difficult to customize and liked that the EHR and PM systems were in a single database.

“After I started to use CGM APRIMA I realized there was no way I could ever go back to doing handwritten notes,” said Hall. “Even with my limited computer skills, I have found it very easy to modify the program to fit my needs. It has been simple to learn and use and we have had great software support whenever there has been an issue.”


Oakridge Urgent Care offers extended hours, seven days a week and accepts walk-in patients. The clinic is always staffed by two providers, who may see as many as 400 patients a week during the busy flu season. Even when patient volume is high, Hall finds that CGM APRIMA is efficient and charting is fast.

“Compared to charting manually, CGM APRIMA saves us a couple hours a day during the busy flu season,” notes Hall. “It’s allowed us to grow because the doctors have more time to see patients and do other things besides just charting.”

Another CGM APRIMA benefit for urgent care facilities: because there are no templates, providers can chart the way they were trained to think. The documentation process is faster because providers do not have to follow a template when examining a patient, but instead can chart based on a patient’s symptoms. In addition, CGM APRIMA’s adaptive learning technology adjusts to the preferences of each individual user, as they use the system. The system also facilitates the creation of detailed, diagnosis-specific treatment plans that can be accessed for patients presenting with similar problems.


CGM APRIMA has also helped Oakridge Urgent Care reach its financial goals. The   practice utilizes the system’s PM functionality and relies on CGM APRIMA for revenue  cycle management (RCM) services. Electronic prior authorizations and medication reconciliations are quickly completed within the e-prescribing workflow for a more complete picture while the provider is with the patient.

“I find the reports we receive are extremely valuable for tracking revenues and expenses and I use them weekly to monitor how the practice is doing, to track how many  patients we are seeing and to get a snapshot of our financial performance,” said Hall.


Hall notes that CGM APRIMA’s customer support has always been responsive to the practice’s needs. “We have had a really good experience with support and they usually respond quickly to any issues,” said Hall. “I have also found that I can go to CGM APRIMA’s support website to get ideas on how to do different things in the system. I have found that very helpful as well.”


As an urgent care provider, Hall’s goal is to address patients’ acute care issues after hours, on weekends, or when local doctors are on vacation. The practice works well with other physicians in the community and securely shares visit summaries and test results with other providers via Direct Messaging or by  fax.

Oakridge Urgent Care also utilizes the CGM APRIMA Patient Portal. “Patients like the ability to access their account to look at their medical records, to request prescription refills or to send us messages,” said Hall. “It works well for us and patients can get what they need without having to call the office.”


As Hall reflects on the implementation of CGM APRIMA in his practice, he notes that the system has been easy to learn and a valuable addition to the practice.

*Customer received compensation as a referral and was told in advance that they would be featured in an advertisement.