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J. Woodson Dermatology & Associates

Aprima “Rescues” Dermatology Practice from Costly Move to “a Completely New System”

Few practices would relish the interruption of switching to a different EHR, especially in the midst of another major upheaval. But just as J. Woodson Dermatology & Associates, a large practice located in Henderson, NV, was splitting into two separate entities, it received news that Allscripts had opted not to develop or update its Allscripts MyWay™ EHR product to be in compliance with government incentives and requirements such as Stage 2 Meaningful Use, 5010 and ICD-10.

Jolting news, indeed, but practice administrator Lori Haynie was immediately certain of at least one thing. “We had no interest in going with Allscripts Pro™. That would be changing to a completely new system while we were trying to make another transition.”

When patient Geoff Robinson learned of the practice’s dilemma, he left his card offering to help. Robinson worked with reseller Falcon Technology, a local certified Aprima reseller and partner. He knew of another alternative for customers of Allscripts MyWay™ like J. Woodson Dermatology & Associates.

The Aprima Rescue Plan™ for Customers of Allscripts MyWay™

It turned out that Allscripts MyWay™ was originally based on the source code that Allscripts licensed from Aprima in 2008. Aprima was offering practices, like J. Woodson Dermatology & Associates, a “rescue” upgrade to an EHR with a similar look and feel, but considerably enhanced functionality.

“As our employees already knew how to use Allscripts MyWay™, this would make our transition to two separate entities much easier. Another reason we chose this option was because our support could be local and immediate with Falcon Technology, which is one of the most important reasons for going with Aprima. Contacting Allscripts for support of any kind is simply painful,” Haynie said. “After we created a mirror image of our system in Allscripts, it only took just a few days to bring Aprima live, even with thousands and thousands of records to populate.”

Practice and Patients Finally Reap Benefits

Aprima’s speedy deployment was impressive, but the EHR had something much bigger in store for J. Woodson Dermatology & Associates. As Haynie would soon discover, Aprima came with features that would unequivocally prove what Allscripts MyWay™ never had: the driving reason to go paperless.

“We previously had an employee who worked full time on checking insurance eligibility. Well, you can check this with just one click in Aprima! In my opinion, there was nothing comparable to that in Allscripts MyWay™,” Haynie said.

The employee has since been redirected to scanning images and charts within the Aprima EHR, a project that will help take J. Woodson Dermatology & Associates almost completely paperless. According to Haynie, “This also could never have happened with Allscripts MyWay™, as Allscripts never trained us on how to use this sort of functionality.” But she noted these conveniences are what busy practices like hers are driving for with EHRs.

J. Woodson Dermatology & Associates focuses on confidentiality for our patients and their continued medical care. Haynie concluded, “With Aprima, the practice sees the labor savings, but our patients ‘see’ the upgrade, too. For example, they no longer have to wait on the phone for lab results; the results are right there in Aprima. We’re getting to a point where soon they won’t even have to wait to fill out forms. They can do that in advance in Aprima.”

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*Customer received compensation as a referral and was told in advance that they would be featured in an advertisement.