OBGYN Practice Sees Major Financial Gain with CGM APRIMA EHR

CGM APRIMA ‘Rescues’ Over $100K in Billing for an Ob-Gyn Practice

As Dr. Lauranne Harris describes it, the news that Allscripts had opted not to develop or update its Allscripts MyWay™ EHR product to be in compliance with government incentives and requirements such as Stage 2 Meaningful Use, 5010 and ICD-10 was delivered to her in a particularly jarring manner – in the middle of a paid training session for Allscripts MyWay™.

“We’d never really gotten enough training on the PayerPath billing module. Allscripts told us someone from PayerPath would come train us, but PayerPath told us it was an Allscripts problem. Allscripts finally suggested we buy more training, which we agreed to, since by then we were more than $100,000 behind in billing.

Shortly after the training session, we found out that we’d have to switch to a different EHR in 2013,” recalled the Oklahoma City Ob-Gyn. Dr. Harris was blindsided. Then the news got worse. She continued, “Allscripts said we should move to Allscripts™ Pro, a completely different EHR that would require my staff to travel out of state for yet another training session. Now I knew why we kept encountering glitches in Allscripts MyWay™ – they didn’t want to spend money on routine maintenance for a product they were discontinuing.”

The CGM APRIMA Rescue Plan™ Comes with Refreshing Expertise

Dr. Harris finally got a bit of luck when someone told her to “… check out CGM APRIMA.” In December, she found a local CGM APRIMA reseller.

“Unlike the people I worked with at Allscripts, CGM APRIMA have experience in the Ob-Gyn field and know how to make an EHR work specifically for our practice’s requirements instead of vice versa,” noted Dr. Harris. Her most urgent need? Get tens of thousands of dollars in billing out the door – fast!

A Painless and Profitable Upgrade – in Only Four Days!

As soon as Dr. Harris received her data from Allscripts, CGM APRIMA got to work. It took just a few days over a long weekend and the practice was live with the CGM APRIMA EHR. “I could have made the move to CGM APRIMA even sooner if it hadn’t taken Allscripts so long to send my data to me. First I was told they’d put the wrong label on the drive; then I was told the data was somewhere ‘in the cloud,’” Dr. Harris noted.

“The day after the practice went live, a professional trainer arrived to train us on CGM APRIMA. We got $100K in billing out the door that day, and within a week, we had received $25,000 in payments!” Dr. Harris marveled. She concluded, “Trying to get help from Allscripts was always like pulling teeth. With CGM APRIMA, it feels like we are truly part of a team.”

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*Customer received compensation as a referral and was told in advance that they would be featured in an advertisement.