Primary Care Practice Finds a Complete Solution for Comprehensive Care in CGM APRIMA EHR

Several years ago, the Avenel Iselin Medical Group (AIMG), which had served as a primary care group in New Jersey since 1956, decided to expand its medical services. AIMG incorporated several specialty physicians into its practice, along with diagnostic services, to offer patients comprehensive medical care under one roof.

AIMG’s Marc Mayer, DO and managing partner, knew that the practice would need to leverage electronic medical records and electronic prescribing in order to maintain a high level of medical service as the practice grew. He headed up a search committee within the practice and they ultimately selected the CGM APRIMA Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) solution. The practice went live with CGM APRIMA in 2007.

CGM APRIMA enables AIMG to improve the quality of care they deliver to their patients:
• Health Maintenance tracking provides timely follow-up
• Electronic Orders and Results help ensure nothing is missed
• eRx and Drug Interaction help avoid negative interactions

After implementing CGM APRIMA’s EHR solution, Dr. Mayer stated that he’s found it to be “intuitive, flexible and responsive.”

Faster Note Documentation

Dr. Mayer’s older patients typically have recurring visits every three-to-four months. Using CGM APRIMA’s time-saving Follow-up Slider feature, he’s able to document recurring visits more quickly. This enables him to spend quality time with patients, check their health maintenance issues, check their test results and order prescription refills – all before they even arrive at the front desk to check out.

He’s also able to use CGM APRIMA to categorize each patient by care groups quickly and easily, which is a huge benefit for a multi-specialty medical group like AIMG.

“With CGM APRIMA, our providers are able to document encounters using their individual preferred methods, such as voice recognition, point and click, typing, inking, etc.” said Dr. Mayer.

Easy-To-Use Solution

Providers at AIMG frequently use iPads® to access and update patient health records. The practice has 20 iPads for use both inside and outside the office to capture and retrieve patient data. One of the most valuable aspects of the CGM APRIMA EHR solution for AIMG is the fact that it is so easy to use on their preferred device.

As a result, CGM APRIMA has helped increase the quality of life for Dr. Mayer and other providers at AIMG by:
• Improving workflow and efficiency
• Providing physicians with the flexibility to leave the clinic, while staying connected and productive

“With CGM APRIMA on my iPad, I’m able to get into our in-house server securely, even from the rainforests of Brazil!” Dr. Mayer tells us.

Additionally, he appreciates that CGM APRIMA EHR is designed to follow the physician, instead of the other way around:
• Adaptive Learning discovers and adapts to the user’s preferences – no special programming required
• Intelligent Navigation seems to read the user’s mind; the system presents clinically relevant findings based on presenting symptoms, diagnosis code, and the user’s preferred treatments

Better Collections

With CGM APRIMA, AIMG has found that they’re better able to document the proper level of visits. By using more accurate coding, they’ve been achieving better collections. Additionally, they’ve encountered no problems during audits, so they’re comfortable with the level of accuracy CGM APRIMA delivers.

Dedicated Service and Support

CGM APRIMA worked closely with AIMG to help them meet NCQA eligibility standards, so the practice could achieve Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Level 3 status. This has been a tremendous financial boost for the practice. Overall, AIMG has found CGM APRIMA to be committed to evolving with their practice’s needs and keeping up with regulatory demands.

“CGM APRIMA continues to support our practice and is in touch with what we need,” Dr. Mayer stated. “And I’m pleased that CGM APRIMA has designated specific people to support the reporting aspect of the PCMH program. The reports are vital in assuring that we get paid properly.”

Dependable Technology Partner for a Growing Medical Practice

Today, a total of eleven providers and one clinical support professional at AIMG use CGM APRIMA on a daily basis. Dr. Mayer credits CGM APRIMA for helping AIMG as the practice expanded. He advises other practices considering EHR solutions to scrutinize the integrity of the company providing the solution. “The question to ask is: Will they help make you successful? That’s what I gained from CGM APRIMA,” Dr. Mayer said. “The results are worth it.”

*Customer received compensation as a referral and was told in advance that they would be featured in an advertisement.