Not All EHR Systems are Created Equal

According to a study by Perspectives in Health Information Management, 67% of healthcare providers aren’t satisfied with their current EHR system. In fact, many plan to switch to a new system that better suits their needs. When looking for a new system, it’s important to understand that no two are the same. They emphasize different features that will impact how you provide care. Regardless of the type of care you provide, there are traits that all the top EHR systems share. The question is what are they and how important are they to you?

Integrations for EHR Systems

Technology’s job is to make your life easier and help your practice be more efficient. The best EHR systems will offer seamless integration with any other system that your practice uses. What if your clinical documentation doesn’t connect to your billing system? You’ll end up spending more time working between systems, inputting the same information. That’s the opposite of what technology should be doing for you.

Most systems will offer some integrations. But the top EHR systems will offer ones you currently need and ones you might be looking into in the future. Aprima integrates with more than 3,500 other interfaces. Connecting with other systems and devices is easy and effective. Aprima’s integration with CommonWell® Health Alliance and Surescripts® NRLS (National Record Locator Service) also lets you participate in helpful programs.

EHR System Training

When you start using new technology, it can be overwhelming. The best EHR systems will come with training for your staff to help you be successful. Training can take the form of webinars or even an on-site implementation specialist.

Aprima offers training for their new customers. On-site training and live webinars are available when implementing a new system. To make things easier, new customers are assigned a project manager throughout the onboarding process to streamline implementation. Better yet, the training doesn’t end when the system is set up. Training is offered via online webinars to help make you feel successful. Aprima customers can also attend user groups, gaining valuable training beyond the implementation period.

Compliance & EHR Systems

One of the top concerns for any practice when considering a new solution is compliance. Being up-to-date with government regulations is critical for your practice’s success. Having a system that does the same is also important, and helps you stay in compliance with little work.

eMDs understands how serious staying compliant with regulations is for your practice. Aprima provides ongoing, timely upgrades to meet industry requirements including MACRA/MIPS, PQRS and ACO quality reporting, Patient-Centered Medical Home, Population Health Management, EPA, EPCS, Chronic Care Management and Care Plan oversight, and more. There are no licensing or add-on fees for adherence to mandates like MACRA/MIPS and APM.

On the Go EHR Technology

Not having a network connection can make using an EHR difficult. Many EHR systems requires that connection to access patient charts. If your network goes down or if you work outside of a traditional setting, you end up in a standstill. The best EHR systems account for that and offer an offline solution.

Aprima lets you work anywhere, anytime, with or without a connection. Whether you’re at the office, a patient’s home, or even your home, you can work the same way.  Aprima lets you document patient charts without a wireless connection. You can still look up or enter data using your preferred form of entry – including handwriting, voice recognition, point and click and keyboard – and perform other everyday tasks. Once reconnected, the system transmits patient visit data, digital images, orders, results and more.  Don’t want to carry around a computer? Aprima also has a smartphone app. Make the most of touch screens, tablets, and even mobile phones.

EHR System Flexibility

The Best EHR systems work the way you want them to. One common problem that you can face with potential new systems is that they are too rigid. Struggling against technology makes your day harder when you’re trying to make it easier. The best systems will be intuitive and will work how you work.

Aprima is an intuitive EHR. It adapts to you instead of making you adapt to it. Adaptive Learning lets Aprima learn your preferences as you work. Aprima learns treatment plans for your common patient complaints. You can document procedures, write prescriptions and order tests quickly. With no charts, you’re free to chart the way you think and examine patients. Chart by chief complaint, procedure, problem or previous visit for fast documentation. Your past notes can carry forward to the current note, so you’re not charting from scratch.

Working with a top EHR system can save you time and headaches. Learn more about how Aprima can help your practice be more efficient. See a free demo today!

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