Electronic Health Records (EHR) software continues to evolve, especially during the pandemic. The best EHR system can adapt to change and be easy enough to use so that you and your practice are as efficient as possible. As a provider, you have unique requirements to be met by an electronic medical record software vendor.

You may need a specialty EHR that covers one or more of the 70+ specialties practiced. Your needs in an EHR platform could require assistance with a thorough EHR implementation program offered by your chosen vendor. Ultimately, the ideal EHR solution works best when it leads to your medical practice being able to provide the best in patient care.

There are too many different options to list, but we are confident that when looking for the top EHR software this year, these are some key items that you must have for success in your healthcare facility. We want you to be able to have the right information when it comes to your selection in the EMR or EHR adoption process.

Telehealth is a Must Have Option for the Best EHRs in 2021

As mentioned, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused EHR companies to evolve their offerings for providers. This is especially true with telehealth. Telehealth has become a core component for healthcare practices as well as in hospitals for certain procedures as part of the EMR software.

Your patients want and need convenience. Telehealth is a major part of providing convenience, especially during these times. A top EHR company will have an ability to directly integrate the provider software into a telehealth solution. This is important for your ability to become even more efficient while providing the what is expected by patients from their healthcare provider.

Leading EHRs Meet All Regulatory and Government Requirements

Best EMR Software Understands Importance of Compliance and EHR RegulationsThere are numerous regulatory and government mandates that should be met by the EHR you are looking to choose. The effort to become certified requires a large investment by the company creating the electronic health records software and as such shows a dedication to the type of service and support you as a doctor can expect to receive.

There are several regulatory and government requirements. These include 2015 Edition Certification, Cures Act rule compliance, and Script 2017.

The Best EHR Software is a Fully Integrated Solution

Top EMR software has strong integration. Switch from Kareo

All of the tools in the world only work as well as the EHR integration they have available. Whether it is e-prescribing, telehealth, practice management software, medical billing or any other key components to your patient care program, having a fully integrated EHR will put it at the top of any list.

Being able to save time not having to switch programs for patient notes, electronic prescriptions, patient records, appointment setting, and other important tasks is a time saver for the doctor and their healthcare organization. Integrated software provides a better user experience and potentially cuts costs by being able to bring everything under one umbrella. Further, having your health information technology integrated will allow for better outcomes and less errors.

Mobile Functionality Makes for a Top EMR Software or EHR System

There are several reasons having mobile capability is important for you as a medical practitioner. Being able to move between medical facilities and carry medical records wherever you are going is a prime reason for your EHR to be mobile. Having the ability to use a mobile device, tablet, or laptop to access your full EHR is extremely important in today’s world.

Even if you or any clinician are offline without an internet connection, replication can help you work with your patients to ensure that no data is lost. If you do have an internet connection, mobile functionality will allow for real time updating between all systems in the physician practices. The best software is even better when it is compatible across different operating systems (iOS, Android, etc.) and devices.

Mobile functionality can also be important to your patients. Items like a patient portal that is compatible across systems can take away frustrations that patients have with asking a question or sending messages to their specialists. They should also be able to easily access appointment scheduling and be able to easily see insights into their health.

A secure solution is important to ensure patient safety and security, so keep that in mind as well when you are looking at the methods implemented by your EHR when it comes to the security of your patient’s health record. Much progress is being made by the best EHRs when it comes to security policy and digital health platforms.

The Best EHR System Allows You to Build Templates and Order Sets

One of the most popular preferences independent practices, hospitals and most healthcare organizations have is the ability to build their own templates and order sets. This saves the time for medical professionals like you and can help with a wide range of conditions.

More specifically the way templates work with patient health records is that it allows you to treat several patients who have the same condition. For example, a template may be created for Type 1 diabetes. All your patients that have Type 1 diabetes can be treated with this template. This interface is very powerful, allows for an even better quality of care, and is a certain time saver for health systems using the best EHRs.

Reports that Matter to You Are Available in Top EHRs

The Best EHR has great reporting and patient portal access.

Quality reporting, such as a real-time MACRA dashboard, will allow practices to track progress on the fly. Having a drill-down type of capability in your EMR software allows you to move into individual charting. This provides great clarity in regard to your physician’s office numerators and denominators. This allows successful attestation to your MIPS or APM involvement.

Your practice depends on strong and accurate reporting. When you participate in programs like Medicaid, Medicare, or any other public health system, good reporting can be a tremendous differentiator for your location. Private practices must make many clinical decisions that revolve around strong financial management and other important criteria.

This all wraps into other areas that can tie into your electronic medical records software such as Revenue Cycle Management. The right medical billing software partner can help consolidate your revenue cycle information and patient data in a way where billing, records management and other important details are organized and tightly integrated for better physician practice outcomes.

User Experience Makes a Big Difference in Determining the Best EHRs

Doctors in in all practice types (from primary care to hospital setting) rely on their EHR or EMR software for approximately a third of their time. Being able to easily use your EHR through a drag and drop interface and single screen charting are two of many ways the best EHR software companies create a great user experience. By making it easier for you and other medical professionals, patient engagement can increase as you are spending more time talking with them instead of moving from screen to screen trying to figure out a difficult health records system.

Perhaps your medical practice is on the search for a replacement EHR or EMR system. Maybe you are a new practice looking to get ahead with the best EHR solution available. You might want the best user interface, with no worry about a system that is cumbersome to use. We imagine that you want better care coordination, a web based EHR, or possibly even the ability to tie in your medical billing services under one nice reporting dashboard.

We understand that there is still apprehension in the world of healthcare institutions when it comes to high performing EHRs and other healthcare IT solutions like revenue cycle services. Some nurses and physician users wish less for the current state of the electronic health record and more for the days of paper charts and a paper patient record.

For a look at some statistics and further details on features of the best EHRs and EMRs, we invite you to look at our electronic health records software infographic by clicking here. Please reach out to us with any questions as we hope to help in your search for a top EHR vendor, whether you are a private practice or part of a larger group. We are here for you to ensure the best in patient care with the best EHR solution.